Enjoy one of our selected biking day trips in Mavrovo!


Make the most out of Your stay in Mavrovo with our MTB trips in the area of Galicnik. Ride through our largest national park, enjoy the rural architecture and experience the legendary Miyak hospitality in Galicnik!


MTB trips in Mavrovo national park 

1. Galichnik - Sv. Petka - Galichnik (5+5 KM, Surface: mostly offroad), recommended for beginners.
Estimated time needed: 2 hours.
Price: Please inquire (depends on group size)

2. Galichnik - Solumunica - Galichnik (15+15 KM, Surface: 40% asphalt, 60% offroad), medium dificulty.
Estimated time needed: 4 hours.
Price: Please inquire (depends on group size)

3. Galichnik - Chafkarnik - Leunovo - Mavrovo - Galichnik (70 KM, Surface: combined asphalt/offroad), recommended for advanced riders.
Estimated time needed: 8 hours.
Price: Please inquire (depends on group size)


- Guidance
- Bike and helmet rental
- Entrance in Mavrovo national park

Not included:

- Transfer to the village of Galicnik (tour starting point; price depends on group size)
- Meals
- Travel insurance
- Individual expenses 


Biking photos from Mavrovo national park: