Enjoy a journey of rural Macedonia, stroll around centuries old villages "frozen in time", hear their stories, meet the locals, taste their cuisine, admire their history, customs and traditions.. 



This unique journey takes around the rural areas of western Macedonia. We begin with the capital of Skopje, exploring "off-the-beaten-track" experiences, go to places where locals go, taste the local cuisine. Other attractive regions we think travelers to Macedonia should see, and which are covered with the tour are the Ohrid and Prespa regions. Some lesser known places are visited, such as the small lake side town of Struga, the villages of Vevcani, Kuratica, Recica, Kalista and Radozda, Podmocani and Kurbinovo. In the Mavrovo national park we visit the village of Galicnik, as well as the villages of Selce and Tresonce.


Tour itinerary

Day 1: Skopje

Pick up from the airport in Skopje and transfer to a hotel in Skopje followed with a 3 hour sightseeing tour of the capital city that will include: Skopje Fortress, Church of St. Spas, The Holocaust Museum, The Stone Bridge, The 30 meter high Statue of Alexander the Great, The old Turkish Bazaar, The Monument House of Mother Teresa (She was born in Skopje) and a panoramic tour of the Skopje neighborhoods by vehicle (Including Shutka - the biggest Roma community in Macedonia and Europe). In between the tour of the capital city we will have free time for lunch and for shopping. Dinner in a typical Skopje household with authentic homemade local food. During the dinner's communication we will have a unique opportunity to see how a typical big city family lives their every day life. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 2: Matka canyon and Ohrid

After Breakfast in the Hotel we will start the tour with the Beautiful Canyon of Matka (20km from Skopje) where we will have a boat ride along the lake (Vivid Nature). From there we will continue to the city of Ohrid (On the Ohrid Lake about '160 km from Matka) where we will have a sightseeing tour of the city that will include: Tsar Samoil's Fortress, The Ancient Theater, St. Klement of Plaosnik church, St. Sophia and St. John of Kaneo Church. From there we will take a short boat ride on the Ohrid Lake to the City Center where we will have free time for lunch and for sightseeing of the Ohrid's main shopping and pedestrian walkway. Dinner and Overnight in a hotel in Ohrid.

Day 3: Prespa and St.Naum

After breakfast in the hotel we will continue to the Prespa Lake (Second biggest Natural lake in Macedonia after the Ohrid Lake) and the fishermen village of Stenje (1hr and 45min from Ohrid) where we will have a short rest for refreshments and homemade pancakes . From there we will continue to St.Naum (Located on the Ohrid Lake) via the National Park of Galicica. At one spot close to Galicica's highest peak we will stop for a breathtaking view from where we can observe the both lakes Prespa & Ohrid. In St. Naum (Which is close to the border with Albania) we will have a boat ride on the springs of River Drim and visit the Monastery of St.Naum. After free time given for lunch, we will continue to visit the so called "Bay of the Bones"- Water Museum, which is a identical replica of a Neolithic Settlement on the lake shores. Transfer back to Ohrid where we will have dinner in a local restaurant (Ohrid fish). Overnight.

Day 4: Struga and Vevcani

After breakfast we will continue to the village of Vevcani (30min drive), where we will see the famous Vevcani Springs as well as their authentic style of house building, and also hangout with the locals. Next, we go to sight see the city of Struga (The second biggest city on the Ohrid Lake), where we will have a free time for souvenir shopping (handcrafts) and snack break, since we will have late lunch.

From there we will continue to the villages of Kalista and Radozda located on the Ohrid Lake by the Albanian border. In Kalista we will enter the church of St. Marry and in Radozda we will enter the Cave Church dedicated to St. George, followed with 30 min sightseeing of the village. After we finish with sightseeing the village we will enter one of the 7 fish restaurants in the village, located by the lake and you will have an unique opportunity to taste the most famous fish specialties of Ohrid (eel and trout). After lunch, we'll enjoy short walk around the village, and then return to the hotel in Ohrid for overnight.

Day 5: Ohrid and Prespa villages

After Breakfast in the Hotel we will start touring of villages of Recica (Ohrid Region), where we will visit the so called "Washing Machines", a traditional way of natural cleaning of carpets and other textile by using mountain spring water and Eco detergents. From there we will continue to the village of Kuratica (5km from Recica village) where we will have a sightseeing and brief history of the village. During the sightseeing we may purchase local products such as “ajvar” (Made of red peppers), forest fruit jam, homemade wine and brandy, fresh forest mushrooms, fresh forest fruit juice and other. All of these products are organic and home made.

The village of Podmocani (Prespa region) is our next stop, where we will visit the Ethnology Museum, a place with nice collection of macedonian folklore dresses (over 200, from all over the country), and other artifacts. At the museum we will also have a chance to observe how some of these dresses are made (handcraft).

The village of Kurbinovo follows in our tour, beautiful village where we will stop for picnic lunch on the front porch of the Church of St. George. There's perfect view of the Prespa lake from the spot. We return to the village of Kuratica for dinner and overnight in one of the village households.

Day 6: Kuratica donkey riding

After breakfast in the village, we start a 2.5 hour donkey ride in the nearby forest (45minute ride in one direction), to a location with small waterfalls, where we take a break and will be served beverages, fruits and coffee. After we finish with the donkey "safari", we will return to the village where we will be served lunch that includes: salad, home made white cheese, roasted peppers with garlic, homemade bread and pie; main dish with beef/pork/chicken/fish meat, and a desert. After lunch, free evening and overnight in the village.

Day 7: Mavrovo national park

In the morning we will have a unique chance to learn how local pies are made. Local women will give a demonstration, and we will be able to try cooking for ourselves, and afterwards eat what's prepared. After this late breakfast, we continue towards Western Macedonia along the Artificial lake of Debar and the beautiful Canyon of Radika river to one of the most famous Macedonian Monasteries of St. George the Triumphant and St. John the Baptist. After we enter the both of them we arrive at the lake of Mavrovo, where we will overnight and have dinner in the hotel.

Day 8: Galicnik

After breakfast, we continue to the village of Galichnik (45minutes drive). The landscape from Mavrovo to Galicnik is so unique that can only be seen in this part of Macedonia. In Galicnik we will visit the Church St Peter and Paul, the Ethological Museum that is dedicated to the famous Galichnik wedding that takes place every year on the 12th of July.
When we finish the tour in the village, we will start a 6 hour horse riding tour a quick getaway (riding through the forest of Sushica and downhill riding to the villages of Selce and Tresonce), with panoramic views of the north side of Mountain Stogovo. On the way to the caves we will be passing through the village of Tresonce where we will observe the old village architecture. After crossing the river we arrive at the caves where we will have a break and BBQ lunch. After resting, we return to our hotel in Mavrovo.

Day 9: Horse-riding / Biking in Mavrovo

After breakfast we continue with our last horse riding tour that includes riding uphill along the valleys of the Mountain Bistra, where we can enjoy in the huge open views on many Mountain peaks. On this tour you will get closer to the shepherds life by visiting few sheepfolds and taste traditional white cheese and yogurt. After we finish with the horse riding tour, we return to our Mavrovo hotel. Guests can rent mountain bikes for a ride around the Mavrovo lake, or just walk, both great opportunities to enjoy the nature. Dinner and overnight.

Day 10: After breakfast we return to the Skopje airport.


Ohrid area:

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- Transportation

- Accommodation in hotels or rural accomodation where appropriate (hotel category and meals can be chosen in accordance with Your request)

- Tour guide (English or other major European languages) 

- Taxes

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- Transfers to Macedonia

- Single room supplement

- Optional excursions and visits

- Insurance

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