• Makedonium

    The "Makedonium" is the most famous momument of Krushevo, built on the highest area in the town called Gumenje. It's a monument of the Macedonian statehood and a memorial of the Ilinden rebellion. The Makedonium is a symbols that represents a synonym for Krusevo.
  • Traditional architecture

    As the city was started from scratch, the Vlachs were willing to invest and the Mijaks were excellent builders, in Krushevo a very interesting architecture has developed. The houses are freestanding, mostly symmetrical, without open spaces typical for other towns in Macedonia. The back of the houses are built of stone, while the front of socalled “bondruk” construction of wooden columns and beams covered with white plaster. There is almost always a well in the ground floor. On the main facade usually there are painted decorations in blue colour. Blue is also usually used for the window frames and other details of the facades. On the upper floor there usually is a small balcony with a triangular pediment above it to put accent on the symmetry of the house.
  • Church of Saint Nikola

    Built in 1905 on the site of an earlier church that was burned after the Ilinden uprising. St. Nikola church is the cathedral in the town and it is situated in the old bazaar.
  • Meckin Kamen

    Meckin Kamen is a monument built in honor of the band of the Vlach rebel, Pitu Guli, who fought bravely for the town and died in the battle with the Ottoman Turks after they entered the surroundings of the town during the Ilinden rebellion in 1903.
  • "Nikola Martinoski" memorial house

    Nikola Martinovski (1903-1973) is one of the most popular Macedonian painters of the first generation. The gallery is installed in the painter's house, which itself is an example of the famous 19th century urban architecture. The permanent exhibition is displayed in separate rooms: the Krusevo room, furnished to portray the spirit of the 19th century, and the gallery hall, showing the painter’s works.
  • Adventures

    The area around Krushevo provides excellent opportunities for different adventure activities year-round. In the spring and summer time you can enjoy paragliding, off-road biking, walking and trekking holidays. In the winter season, there's small but nice ski resort connected with the town with chair lift.
  • Gastronomy of Krushevo

    If You know the right people and places, Krushevo can reveal itself as great foodie destination. Worth mentioning are the traditional sausages, stews, pies and sweets (lokum and celuvki) which are always on the table during our foodie trips in the area of Krushevo.
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Mentioned in documents from the 15th century, Krusevo is a living museum, famous for its traditional architecture, cultural sites, and legacy as the site of the great 1903 Ilinden uprising against Ottoman domination. The rebellion failed, but its memory is cherished in Macedonia even today, as a symbol of the national struggle for freedom and democracy; while it lasted only 10 days, the Krusevo Republic of revolutionary leader Nikola Karev represented a desire for self-rule under a modern European political system. Today an enormous monument on the hill above Krusevo marks the elusive dream of the Ilinden revolutionaries. Owing to its high elevation (1300 meters or 4,400 feet), Krusevo is also one of Macedonia’s prime winter sports destinations. Yet this same quality also makes this pine-forested getaway a comfortable destination in summer, when the Krusevo air stays cooler and more pure than in the arid lowlands.