• Janche

    The village of Janche is located in the Mavrovo national park, about 36 kilometers southwest of Mavrovo. Janche is one of the more picturesque and culturally significant villages located in the Bistra massif. The village is one of the oldest settlements located in the Mijačija area (Radika River area). In the recent years Janche is undergoing tremendous tourism revival as a result of the efforts from the hardworking locals which include restoration of old houses, sustainable micro farming and preservation of local culinary traditions.
  • Galicnik

    The village of Galicnik is a major highlight of the Mavrovo area because of its authentic architecture, rich cultural heritage and admirable landscapes, as it's one of the most beautiful mountain villages of the Balkans, famous for its rich pastures, unique gastronomy, as well as for being the birthplace of outstanding Macedonian artists, writers, poets and builders. Historically, the oldest information about Galicnik dates back to the 10th century. It is thought that it was formerly a settlement made by cattle-breeders. It was precisely the livestock production that was the main activity in the village. However, today Galicnik is filled with people only during the summer days, when displaced inhabitants return to avoid summer heat. In July the traditional Galicnik wedding is held. The Galicnik Wedding is held every year on St. Peter’s Day (the second week of July).
  • Monastery of Bigorski

    The revered 1020 Byzantine monastery of St. John the Baptist Bigorski is located close to the village of Janche. Legend attests an icon of Sveti Jovan Bigorski (St John the Baptist) miraculously appeared here, inspiring the monastery's foundation; since then the monastery has been rebuilt often – apparently, the icon has occasionally reappeared too. The complex has been painstakingly reconstructed and today is as impressive as ever, offering excellent views over Mavrovo's mountains.
  • Horse riding

    Holiday on a horseback offers a firsthand experience of the riches of the Mavrovo National Park. This particular holiday is a great way to discover the beautiful countryside far from the clutter of the urban life. Join us and visit places with beautiful scenery, mighty mountains, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, smooth and vast green highlands. Lodging in old villages, enjoy the taste of domestic food products offered in the local sheepfolds, sometimes by the fire or sometimes simply in the nature, sitting on a rock in the middle of a pasture, taking pleasure in the splendors of life and nature.
  • Hiking

    Enjoy exciting and pictoresque hikes on the mountain massifs of Mavrovo, making an attempt on some of Macedonia's prime summits, such as Mt. Korab (2765m asl; highest of Macedonia and Albania), Mt. Golem Krchin (2341m asl), Mt. Medenica (2163m asl) and other. These beautiful areas are dotted with the scenic mountain villages of Janche, Galicnik, Rostushe, Bitushe, Lazaropole, to name a few.
  • Mountain biking

    Mountain biking is a great sport to enjoy in the area of Mavrovo, with hundreds of off-road and dirt tracks covering diverse terrain on the territory of the national park. We work closely with biking suppliers based in the area and use experienced locals to guide our trips, thus supporting the local economy which is suffering from rising unemployment and devastating outward migration.
  • Ski touring

    Ski touring holiday in the Mavrovo national park is an unforgettable one. Winter time in Macedonia's biggest national park gives You a unique chance to connect with the park's pristine nature, and go ski touring where only a handful of locals go. We are glad to arrange ski touring to Mavrovo's most remarkable summits such as Mt. Golem Korab, Mt. Medenica, Mt. Sandaktash, and while resting, get the change to immerse into local culture, folklore, people and customs of the region.
  • Gastronomy of Mavrovo

    The famous traditional dairy products of Galicnik such as the "Galicki kashkaval" (yellow cheese), "Galicko Sirenje" (white cheese) and "Kiselo Mleko" (sour milk), as well as the delicious pies of Rostushe and Janche and the fresh porcini mushrooms and forest fruits of these pristine lands, all of this made Us give the area of Mavrovo prominent position on our Macedonian gastronomy map. You will discover why if You come along on one of our day or multi-day foodie trips around Macedonia.
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The gorges, pine forests, karst fields and waterfalls of Mavrovo National Park offer a breath of fresh, rarefied air for visitors traveling between Skopje and Ohrid. Beautiful vistas abound, and the park is home to Macedonia’s highest peak, Mt Korab (2764m). Locally the park is best known for its ski resort (the country’s biggest) near the village of Mavrovo. In summertime, the area of the national park offers great opportunities for different adventures (hiking, cycling, mtb, horseback riding), as well as more relaxed exploration of a number of beautiful mountain villages such as Galicnik, Janche, Lazaropole, Rostushe, Selce, Tresonche, Leunovo, Nikiforovo, etc. Some of Macedonia’s most celebrated orthodox monasteries, such as the Monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski, are also located in the Mavrovo national park.