Is it time for a new journey and a new destination to add to your travel experience? Why not try an emerging destination, a place considered a hidden gem on the map of Europe? The destination is called Macedonia and while it has recently shown up on the European travel map.

If You are looking for the most unique under-the-radar experiences and human-powered adventures around Macedonia, You came to the right place, Macedonia Experience is completely dedicated to developing and promoting the experiential and adventure travel segment.

We specialize in the design and delivery of custom adventures (hiking, biking, multi sports), as well as trips on the soft edge (cultural, gastronomy and wine, folklore and craft tours) for individuals and small groups. On our trips we focus on showcasing Macedonia’s unknown side by promoting interaction and using the services of local micro suppliers in dominantly rural areas. 

We believe that the people of Macedonia are the most important highlight of our trips, and they are the best possible guides to help You get the most authentic Macedonia Experience!