Covid-19 response


In the New Normal Era, staying safe while enjoying life to the full is the new standard for us.

When it comes to safety, Macedonia Experience make no compromises and take no shortcuts.

There are no specific guidelines in place for tour companies in Macedonia, and true to our values of excellence, we decided to follow the enhanced requirements by various European bodies and remain unwaveringly committed to supporting our travellers, partners and community throughout this challenging time.


The areas where we operate are amont the least crowded regions in Macedonia so you get the least possible exposure to other people.

We only work with small properties and mansions that guarantee full adherence to the hygiene protocols.

Private meals/activities, with no other travellers/visitors allowed to stay nearby.

During our trips we are never far from regional health units.


Disinfection of the premises.

Continuous and comprehensive training on hygiene and cleanliness for all our associates.

Disposable masks for all customers and staff in case we need to tour indoors or in case the tour includes a speech and demonstration of objects up close.

Only restaurants that fully adhere to the hygiene protocols will be part of our programme.

Wine tasting solely booked for our travelers and our travelers alone.

Our tour guides who accompany more than 2 people must wear masks and keep the appropriate distances of 1.5 to 2 meters from them.

Special areas for quarantine per region and transfer to a health center/hospital, if necessary.


Extra rooms reserved, so that they can be used immediately in case someone needs to be isolated until they are given medical assistance.

We will continue to communicate with all of our guests prior to arrival to ensure that they have the very latest information on the protective measures we have put in place and what to expect throughout their stay in Macedonia.